2020/06/07 Happy to share that our paper on the effects of predation on herbivores adaptive capacity to warming came out this week. Also check out the this nice article by Daisy Dunne.

2020/06/07 Emilian published his first first-authored article for this PhD. Great piece on how we can quantify herbivore water requirements using functional traits.

2019/09/06 Check out the new paper in Ecology Letters about predicting the consequences of climate change for large herbivore assemblages.

2019/07/01 We are back in The Netherlands where I will start today as an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Environmental Sciences at Leiden University!

2019/04/01 Check out our new paper published in Science last week! Also check the related press coverage among which: De Volkskrant, Trouw, Bionieuws, Der Spiegel, La Vangardia, The Conversation, Daily Mail and  Science Daily.

2018/02/22 Our paper on ecological autocatalysis has just been published in Ecological Monographs. Really excited as this was “the masterpiece” of my PhD project.

2018/01/09 I have moved to the US together with my family to work in the labs of Rob Pringle and Corina Tarnita at Princeton University for the next 1.5-2 years. Very exciting to be here and great collaborators!

2017/11/17 Check out our new publication and blog on the spatial redistribution of nutrients by herbivores and dung beetles in savanna ecosystems

2017/07/20 The site is active! Welcome! Just check out the tabs, like my publications, research or the gallery.  It is still under construction.


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